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Delivering Results

“No one wants to be educated, but everybody wants to be informed.” -Bill Johnston

With a strategy-first focus, customer-driven creative work and superior service, we’ve helped generate hundreds of millions of dollars in sales with the introduction of such innovations as:

  • The first aircraft collision avoidance system
  • The first aircraft terrain avoidance systems
  • The first product protection program for farm and industrial equipment
  • The first successful airline Internet service (Gogo®)
  • The first affordable satellite communications system (Iridium®)
  • The first affinity-based credit card program
  • The first vehicle-based mobile telematics service
  • The first full line of commercial GPS products
  • The first airport accident avoidance system
  • A new class of energy-saving architectural lighting products
  • The first bioelectronic pain management device
  • The first carbon-fiber production vehicle

Financial Report

Since the point of introducing new products is profit, here are some examples of our clients’ business success:

  • A Fortune 100 corporate division that grew in value from $480MM to $1B in four years
  • A Fortune 100 company that won a $6.5B contract with a single marketing program
  • A telecom firm that increased annual sales from <$1MM to $48MM in five years
  • A startup technology firm that sold for $21MM in seven years
  • An avionics firm whose annual sales went from $750K to $18MM in three years
  • A start-up health care provider that saw revenues grow to $1.5MM in two years
  • A Fortune 50 business division that grew from $120MM to $350MM
  • A communications firm that saw its revenues double to $50MM in 1.5 years

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