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How We Work: Entrepreneurial Expertise

A strategic resource staffed exclusively with experienced, high-powered professionals who do what they love, love what they do, and care as much about your results as you do? Who work collaboratively to ensure you always stand out to your customers? And who know how to help your marketing budget go 30-40% further?

If that sounds agile, responsive, efficient and smart, well, that’s the result of our better approach

Case Studies

  • Sperry Aerospace
    Orchestrated a campaign of new product introductions to grow this Fortune 100 corporate division and position it for sale. Within 4 years, we introduced six new aerospace technology platforms and helped orchestrate a sale to six qualified aerospace bidders, with the division selling to Honeywell for $1B, a 40% premium.
  • AirCell (now Gogo)
    Repositioned this specialty telecom company from a single-product telephone manufacturer to a system solution provider, in the process launching a series of new telecom products and the Gogo airline Internet service. Helping increase sales from less than $1M to $48M per year, we built a powerhouse brand that provided strong cash flow throughout a buyout and eventual IPO.
  • SouthWestern Association
    Helped this regional trade group expand its territory and influence to become the leader in dealer representation for the farm equipment, outdoor power equipment, industrial equipment and hardware industries. Launched a number of new products, including health and worker’s comp insurance programs, and a unique aftermarket product protection service that grew into a successful commercial company.
  • AlliedSignal TCAS
    Although perceived as the #3 choice, we successfully introduced the company’s airborne collision avoidance system as offering a unique capability that differentiated it from its two better-known competitors. Using an innovative dual target-market approach, we helped capture nearly 70% of the market (vs. a 25-30% share forecast) and added the term ‘situational awareness’ to the aviation lexicon.
  • Uniformed Services Benefit Association
    Addressing the twin objectives of increased sales and brand awareness, we created the insurance industry’s first interactive marketing game, an award-winning infotainment concept that engaged the target audience and drove purchase consideration, generating some 50,000 net new sales leads in just six months.
  • Raytheon/Beech
    Working under DOD and program time constraints, we crafted a campaign that successfully positioned Raytheon’s virtually unknown product as not only a viable option, but the winner against a prohibitive favorite for a $6.5B military aircraft procurement program.

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